things people have said about us to us

Dr. Arwyn Edwards (@arwynedwards)

★ Early Access Programme
IBERS, Aberystwyth University

"My contact with Sam & Tom Industrys grew out of exchanges between one of the PhD students I supervise and the executives of Sam & Tom Industrys. Our lab works on the microbial ecology of extreme environments, and we try to stretch our funding to the ends of the Earth and beyond. So we had an unmet need for cheap tat that saves us money so we can do more science, and Sam & Tom Industrys have come up with the goods for us.

As one of the earliest punters for its wares, I was happy to play a role in beta-testing its products in the lab and field, and worked closely with Sam & Tom Industrys in their quest to optimize custom tat that meets the requirements of actual scientists. I am the proud owner of several SEPARATRONS and they work very well for SPRI clean ups in PCR tubes, 1.5 mL and 2mL microcentrifuge tubes at the fraction of the cost of products from reputable suppliers. As expensive centrifuge adaptors for bead-beating continually fragmented in routine use in our lab, Sam & Tom Industrys got on the case and designed a whirlygig adaptor - which is still standing.

Sam & Tom have been highly professional, high value, solution-orientatated operators, delivering products and service well beyond my low expectations. In a personal capacity I can say it's worth a look at their borchure. Sam - can you delete those photos now?"

Prof. ████████ ███████

██████ ██████████ Laboratory

"Thanks for your email. I'm happy to do an endorsement, but it would need to be anonymous only because I think it won't be very professional for us if we are on web sites endorsing products. But I'm happy to provide a comment like 'The magnetic separator was superbly made, delivered very quickly and had great attention to detail. It was just what we needed'." and sam and tom are the best

Dr. Ice Bear (@icybear79)

A Glacier Near You

"As a scientific polar bear who is recognized as a pathway to impact on ResearchFish for being smarter than the average bear of little brain, I know cheap tat that saves money for science when I see it. In my global glacial odyssey to Svalbard, the Alps, Canada, Nepal and the Antarctic I have seen many strange things, and stranger still while hibernating in Aberystwyth, but the only magnetic bead separators I have seen endorsed by polar bears have been the Sam & Tom Industrys Separatrons. I eagerly await a version that does for tasty seals what the separatron does for paramagnetic beads, so I keep looking at their borchure."