Hello you might be wondering if you have more of our racks than anybody else. Let us put you at ease. Here is the last official count of where all of our racks are. The winner gets nothing. If you are unhappy with your position, you can buy more racks by messaging us directly on Twitter.

Institute Count
University of Glasgow9
Aberystwyth University6
Cassava Virus Action Project6
University of Edinburgh4
University of York3
University of Alaska Fairbanks2
University of Nottingham2
The Open University2
Places with one lonely separatron8
You have to buy more than one to be on the leaderboard, as our racks get lonely and we do not wish to encourage such irresponsible purchasing. If you don't want to be on the list because you are embarrassed by the number of racks that you do or do not have, let us know.
Last Updated by @samstudio8 May 2019