Hello this is our official borchure where we show you the things that we have to sell in the hope that you will give us money for them. You want our stuff and we want your money. If there is anything that you like the look of then you can place an order by messaging us direct on Twitter.

Magnetic 'Separatron' Racks

Our flagship produkt. A 12-tube rack that fits 1.5 and 2ml tubes, for use as part of a bead cleanup workflow. 3.5kg pull magnets hold pellets tightly in place during washing and evacuation. They are colourful and cheap, which means you can buy more of them. £55.00

Lab Ware

Whirlygig Adaptor

Vortex Genie Tube Holder

Tube holders compatible with a Vortex Genie. It holds on to samples whilst being shook about, what more do you want?

24 way (1.5 - 2ml): £40, 6 way (Sterivax): £40

Box of Holding

Modular Tube Rack Box

A modular and customisable box for tube storage and ice-based manipulation. Uniformly sized panels featuring varying holes can be slotted together to make a box that suits your needs.

Starter Kit £TBD

Fun Stuff

Legogen Sequenceer 9001

Lego DNA Sequencer

A kit to build a copy of our Lego DNA Sequencer. As seen at British Science Week 2017: See our blog post.


Programmable LED Light Strip

Impress your friends, dazzle your enemies and paint pretty time lapse light pictures with our programmable light stick.

Decorative Metal Ablating

Laser Engraving

We put a laptop in a laser cutter and made the top of reddit.


Internet Brick

Portable Internet

Questionable speeds for internets in remote areas all in a convenient brick-like form factor for transport.

Various 3D Printed Garbage

3D Printing Solutions

We melt spooled plastic in to objects of all shapes and sizes, for money.